Finance is a complex topic, so when it comes to finance we will have to be a bit sharper than when it comes to other topics, so that we can underline the basics and understand how finance works. Finance can work for us, or against us, in both situations we need to have as much control over it as possible. A business is more or less like a flower, you must be careful with it when it sprouts, until it matures, and it can take care of its self. What does a flower need to live? That is the first question that we should start with.

Answer is water, sunshine, and a clean environment, thats not too much now is it? Same way, your business needs your full attention when you start it and as you implement more useful ideas, it will become more balanced and it will start to provide on its own. So patience is key and in order to have a constant flow of income you must be very patient, for more than one reason. First of all, your business is new on the market, is it not? So people need to hear about it, that takes time and professional advertisement. As soon as they know about you they will recommend you to other potential customers based on the experience that they had doing business with you, no matter what your line of business is.

Therefore, second of all you must be patient in order to allow your customers to gather more experience doing business with you, increasing your rating and your audience at the same time. Third of all patience will allow you to get more experience in your line of business, so that you will find the fastest solutions available, for a steady financial growth. Aside from patience, the most important aspect is to know what to expect from your business, that way you will be able to do some numbers in advance and that can help you a great deal when you want to make future investments and keep the profit steadily coming at the same time.

Knowing what to expect, or setting clear expectations from the start means that, you have to calculate your profit based on your basic production value, add taxes, and set the total price to match a minimum of 30% profit to start with, after the basic production value plus taxes have been deducted from the total price. Makes sense?

30% means that you will basically recover your investment in three months time, which is not bad given the conditions we have on the market now in these times, and of course the volatility of all transactions due to a very unstable market. 

The climate is difficult, no doubt about that, but not impossible to deal with, if approached right. When banks start closing down it means that people‚Äôs level of trust in such business is starting to decrease, so automatically the focus will move to assets that can provide a fair trade in case the financial market will collapse. 

So you have to be a bit cautious and look for investments in assets that are necessary in times like these, then people will need it, need will create demand, increased demand will increase the price therefore the profit as well, despite the chaos outside your window. You can thrive even in the worst conditions if you know how to handle the situation and balance it. All you need is faith, vision, patience and information.